Flygt's MiniCAS II is a supervision relay for temperature and leakage sensors. It is designed for the Flygt 3000 pumps up to model 3300 and for Flygt mixers. The MiniCAS II is designed to be plugged into a standard 11 pin socket. MiniCAS II is interchangeable with the original version of MiniCAS, part no 83 58 48.

Sensor combinations
The MiniCAS II allows connection of three types of sensors:
- Stator thermocontacts
- FLS, leakage detector in stator housing
- CLS, water in oil sensor

For "Ex" certified pumps, only combinations involving thermocontacts and FLS may be used.

Only two wires are necessary to connect pump sensors to the MiniCAS II relay. When using two leakage sensors they are connected in parallel, and the leakage sensor(s) are connected in series with the thermocontacts (see picture below).