Flygt US Catalog

Flygt US Catalog

Flygt US Catalog

The Flygt US Catalog is available for you on the Internet. Follow the above link to all the catalog information you need. You will find detailed information on all the products you see listed below.

If you do not have a login, get a login today and start using the Flygt US Product Catalog.

Important note if you are upgrading to Internet Explorer 10 or higher:

There are a couple of things you have to be aware of when upgrading your Internet Explorer to IE 10 or newer and then try to use the Flygt Product Catalog.

First thing is to make sure that you have the plugin (Add-on in Microsoft terms) for Shockwave Flash Player installed. You can check this by selecting Manage Add-ons from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. From the list of Add-ons in the dialog box you should see at the very top Adobe Systems Incorporated and just under that check to see if Shockwave Flash Player is listed and if it is enabled (see below). If it isn’t then you or your in-house IT person will have to download and install the latest version.

The other and most important thing to check is that your browser is setup for Compatibility View. To do this, again go to the Tools menu and select Compatibility View Settings. In the dialog box that pops up make sure that Display all websites in Compatibility View is checked (see below). With these two features enabled, the Product Catalog should work correctly.

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Catalog Product List:

Axial/Mixed Flow Pumps
Explosion-proof Portable Pumps
Fibrous Waste Chopper pumps for Pumps
Industrial and Agricultural Waste Pumps
Grinder Pumps
Irrigation and Land Drainage Pumps
Mine Permissible Pumps
Portable Dewatering Pumps
Raw Water Pumps
Slurry Pumps
Small Sump Pumps
Stainless Steel Portable Pumps
Stainless Steel and Warm Liquid Portable Pumps
Submersible Propeller Pumps
Trash Pumps (non-clog and vortex type)
Warm Liquid Wastewater Pumps
Wastewater Pumps
Waste Systems Pumps (manure handling)