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Level sensors

Flygt offers accurate sensors for measuring and recording liquid levels.

ENM 10
Level switch used for level control and indication. Available in several versions depending on type of liquid.

LS10040LS 100
High performance level sensor providing a 4-20 mA signal to pump controllers and SCADA systems.

LSU10040LSU 100
Level Sensor Ultrasonic providing a 4-20mA signal to Pump controllers and SCADA Systems.

LTU501SmallLTU 501
LTU 501 is used to measure a liquid level and to provide a analog signal to a control system.
FlygtProbeVertFlygt Level Probe
For use with Xylem Water Solutions Flygt pump controllers when combined with MIO 201 (P/N 40-501404). The Level probe can also be used with conductance relays designed to operate with conductance probe.