Dewatering pumps <1kW

Dewatering pumps 1–90 kW

Water and wastewater pumps

Pumps for high volumes at medium heads


Slurry pumps

Propeller pumps for high volumes at low heads

Ejector units

End-suction pumps

Multistage pumps

TOP pump station

Monitoring and control equipment



The pump lift

This unique device is designed to simplify the process of lifting and lowering pumps in and out of sumps. With the pump lift system there is no need to ’fish’ for the pump handle and no difficulty when lifting the pump to the top of the sump.

The pump lift consists of a short chain, a long nylon cord and a grip eye. One end of the chain is secured to the pump handle and the other is attached to the nylon cord. The cord runs up to the edge of the sump, just below the cover.

Pump lift
The Flush valve
APF cleaner
Pump flotation modules
The pump lift